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We have completed our analysis of Corvette prices for the 2004 calendar year. Our 2004 data base consists of over 5,800 Corvettes and covers all years and body styles. In addition, we are working with a base of over 35,000 Corvette prices in establishing one, two and five year appreciation/ depreciation trends in establishing the average price of each Corvette. This information is included in our 2005 VETTE-N-VESTMENTS CORVETTE PRICING GUIDE along with other valuable and interesting Corvette data.


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Once again, the 2004 results are outstanding when one reviews the top 11 appreciating Corvettes, showing a 14-19% gain in average price. In addition, there are no negative results when we look at the 1953-1986 model years. In fact, 21 of these models are showing double-digit appreciation.

Leading the appreciation chart are two Corvettes, the 1960 Roadster and a 1971 T-Top, both showing a 19% increase in average price. Close behind at 17% was the 1967 Coupe and a new entry, the 1978 Silver Anniversary with an average price of $12,600.

In the depreciation classification, all of the Corvettes identified were C-5 (1997-2004) models. There were no real surprises since late models normally show low double-digit depreciation for some years after manufacture. Several Z06 models were identified, most likely due to the pent up demand for the next generation Z06, the 2006 due out this fall. In addition, the 400 HP of the 2005 C6 has had an impact on the Z06 models. Both 2003 Anniversary Editions made the list due to initial premium prices. However, previous trends of special models normally hold their value better than the standard models. The two 2003 Anniversary models will be ones to watch over the upcoming years.

Click here to read the entire 2004 Market Analysis as well as view the top appreciation/depreciation models.

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