Corvette Appraisals

There are several reasons why you should consider getting your Corvette appraised:

Buying or Selling Corvettes
Market conditions are always changing and the value of Corvettes fluctuate just like any other valuable commodity. Also, certain Corvettes come into vogue and are appreciating faster than other model years, so it is in your best interest to know the value of the Corvette before buying or selling. If you are a first-time Corvette buyer, an appraisal can help you avoid a costly mistake.

Insurance Documentation
Many insurance companies require an appraisal to help document the value of a collector car, and it is in your best interest to provide an appraisal instead of going with "Book Value". Because market conditions are always changing, your investment could be in danger if you are in an accident and are not properly insured.

Financing Documentation
If you are planning on financing the purchase of a Corvette, many lending institutions may require documentation to establish the true market value of the car.

Start Your Corvette Appraisal
 Appraisals are $69.95 per Corvette
 Appraisals are completed usually within 3 Days

Corvette Appraisal Checklist
 What you need to provide us to ensure a proper appaisal

Sample Corvette Appraisal
 View a sample Corvette appraisals.
  Corvette Appraisals