Year Range: 1996

Date Posted: 08/21/2023 - State: OH
$1100.00 PRICE
State: OH Location
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Set of four(4) OEM wheels and tires for a 1996 Collector's Edition Corvette (Z51). The four (4) wheels are an A Mold, 5 Spoke style, OEM Argent Gray (often referred to as ZR-1 wheels). The two (2) front wheels are 17 x 8.5 ET 56 (9592382) and the rear two (2) wheels 17 x 9.5 ET56 (10214046). Front and rear wheel offsets are +56MM. The front two tires are sized 255/45ZR-17 and the rear two (2) tires 285/40ZR-17. All four (4) tires were OEM installed, Goodyear Eagle GSC's. Wheels and tires were removed from vehicle in 2005, at 5100 miles and have been stored in a dry, heated building since. Wheels and tires are in exceptional condition.