27 Years

27 Year Owner of 67

BY: Tom Cox

It was May 1974 and my wife and I were driving our shiny red '69 VW bug with my 3 year old daughter in the back down to the local bank to try and get a mortgage on a first home. Gas had just gone to a buck a gallon, and there were lines for fill-ups so the "bug" was real popular with everyone. I was getting notes on my windshield "Will pay top dollar for your car"

The bank was bad news, could not get the time of day let alone the mortgage for the house so off we went, and I was in the "dumps". Didn't think I would ever get a house.

The drive back to our apartment took us past all the car dealers, and there on one of the used car lots in the front row was a gas guzzling '67 Corvette roadster, 427/390 red with white interior. I said to my wife "that vette would really cheer me up". We pulled in and after the test drive I was really cheered up. Well $2500.00 and my gas sipping VW was all it took and we drove our Vette home to the apartment. What a thrill, or was this the dumbest thing I could have done?

We have had 27 years of the most fun with our Vette and met some of the nicest people over the years. That 3 year old all grown up now has to take a drive with dad in the Vette everytime she visits. No price on that I will tell you.

We did get the first house about 6 months after we bought the Corvette. More love and thanks to my wife than I can ever express for enjoying all the car has ment to us together, and oh yeah I still get those notes on my windshield.

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