Aussie Vette

C5 Cruise Down Under

BY: D. Dhans

I just completed a wonderful coastal cruise in my triple black 6 spd manual 1998 C5 right hand drive Corvette. I purchased my vette in Florida and had it shipped to Brisbane Australia where it underwent a mirror image conversion to Right Hand Drive.

My favourite Aussie cruise is from Melbourne to Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road. The road follows the southern coast with a stunning road right on the coastline of the Southern Ocean. You begin the ocean road near Bells Beach, a world famous surf beach that is quite spectacular and featured in the movie Point Break in the final scene! Cruising on thru the towns of Lorne and Appollo Bay and enjoying some of the best fresh seafood at wonderful cafes is quite an experience. You depart the ocean for a bit while going thru a national forest that is a kind of subtropical forest full of dense ferns, waterfalls and a lot of native wildlife. Then its back to the coast and the unbeleivable viewing areas of just stunning cliff faces and rock formations. They include the London Bridge, the Grotto, the 12 Apostles, Bay of Islands, and many more.

A stop at the local helicopter tour proved exciting with the pilot taking a fancy to the corvette and having me park it underneath the ! tail and rotor of his copter for some pictures! The road then heads north thru some gum forests where it is not unusual to see some Koala Bears lounging in the trees. Koala crossing signs are on the road sign and you even pass a tourist stop that has a giant koala, brass frame, about 50 feet tall!

Then its north thru the Coonawarra! This is a small premium wine growing region. Some of the best red wines in Australia and the World even are produced in this area of rich red terra cotta soil. Pulling the vette in for a couple of taste testings was a real pleasure including having room for a view bottles to take home! At Leconfield winerey the wine manager liked the Corvette so much he offered my pick of a bottle for a he was given an exhilarating ride in the C5 and I scored a bottle of excellent cab sav!!

Then its northwest to Adelaide and my home now. Thru the fields you can spot some kangaroo feeding and relaxing. Then its thru the Padthaway wine growing region and into the Adelaide Hills for a spectaular ride down the hill and looking out over the coastal city of Adelaide, the roof is still off, the stars are starting to twinkle, and life is great. I love my C5.

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