2005 Corvettes Ship

Corvette Assembly Plant Ships the First Batch

BY: Bobbie Jo Lee - National Corvette Museum

Today, the Corvette Assembly Plant will ship the first batch of C6 Corvette Coupes to many dealerships throughout the United States. The first “batch” is reported to have approximately 70 Corvettes ready with others to follow soon. "This is an exciting day for the Corvette community and for the Bowling Green Assembly Plant," said Wil Cooksey, plant manager. "Our plant is committed to building the highest quality, most precise and powerful sports cars for our customers."

The plant will continue to accelerate to its production build schedule this fall. "This is a memorable day in Corvette history. It marks the start of the sixth generation of a great legacy," said Dave Hill, chief engineer of the Corvette and vehicle line executive for GM Performance Cars. "The 2005 Chevrolet Corvette delivers more power, passion and precision to reach a new standard of performance car excellence."

“We have already started receiving calls about scheduling R8C Museum Deliveries for these new Corvettes,” stated NCM Museum Delivery Program Manager, Gary Cockriel. “However, we have not received any cars yet. We appreciate everyone’s patience while the details are being worked out, and look forward to seeing many excited new Corvette owners at the Museum soon.”

To find out more about taking delivery of a new Corvette at the Museum through the highly requested “R8C Museum Delivery Program”, visit the NCM website at:

http://www.corvettemuseum.com/ncm_delivery/index. shtml
or contact Gary Cockriel at: 1-800-205-4248.

Bobbie Jo Lee
National Corvette Museum Communications
bobbiejo@corvettemuseum .com

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