C5 Fog Light Upgrade

The difference is night and day!

BY: Chris (Vettefinders.com)

You may have noticed that the fog lights on your new C-5 do not seem to give much additional lighting over the headlights alone. There are two reasons for this. The first is that the factory in Bowling Green does not adjust the fog lights after installation. The second reason is that the lights are only 35 watt bulbs.

I suggest that you first adjust the lights and then purchase 50 watt bulbs to really light up the road. All you will need is a #15 torx driver. If you look at the fog lights, you will see a small hole to the upper and outside of each light. Put your torx driver in there and turn it clockwise about 5-6 turns, then check the aim. You should now have much better illumination of the road.

To achieve even better lighting, purchase the 50 watt bulbs from your local auto parts store. You will need model 885 50 watt bulbs. To install the new bulbs, raise the hood and raise the headlights. Look down between the rear of the headlights and you should see the wires that attach to the fog lights. Put you hand down in that space and twist the bulb mount. You should then be able to pull the light out. If you do not have extremely large hands, you should be able to fit it down inside there. Do not touch the glass of the new lights. Remove the wires from the old bulb and replace it with the new. Twist the new bulb mount into place and you are ready to go.

The improvement will literally be night and day! Can you tell which light is the 50 watt bulb? I bet you can.

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