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$11,900.00 New pipes, tires, brakes, shocks, gas tank +
Date Posted: 11/24/2022 - Boca Raton, FL
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$11,900.00 New pipes, tires, brakes, shocks, gas tank + PRICE
1975 T-Top Corvette YEAR/MODEL

More updates...2021 - new Holley Carb and new steering column, leather-wrapped steering wheel ordered and being put on. This is $2500 in parts and install. Paint is coming next and the price goes up yet again. Some photos are before and after photos. Link to recent upgrades list https://docs.google.com/document/d/1usHeKWtfAtGHUMlfvIxprQMsW1o1McEjC0-YSGSKaQs/edit?usp=sharing .............................Since originally posting this ad the following work has been done. A brand new a/c system has been put in and it is blowing ice cold air now. Chrome air cleaner, I have bought 2 interior door panels (they are not on now but yours). I have grinded all rust off the exterior of the frame of the entire car with the frame on. Then primed and painted it all black. This was not a frame off restoration of the frame. New fan shroud and fan painted black. Engine painted. New radiator. I also put on new valve covers as well. This car always starts up with some pumps of the gas pedal! It sounds amazing and purrs like a kitten. I worked on the still original engine first. It is solid and strong. This Vette is very strong mechanically and is reliable. I had the work done to it so it would be a strong runner and reliable. It has been fully tuned up with many maintenance items performed. I have a stack of papers with the work completed. It is primed and ready for paint. With new tires, brakes, shocks, gas tank, thermostat, one headlight actuator, window motors, side mirror, windshield, carpeting and so much more. The car seats and dash are original and are in super condition with one small crack in the dash. I have the original radio and emblems including new gas emblem to finish it off. I would drive this car 200 miles and not blink an eye. It never overheated and ran smoothly. I put in a new radio as well. Minor items needed but this vette to complete it. I sell with pride. Overall it runs amazing above everything else. That comes first. Don't be fooled by the outer appearance being primer. This is the one and running amazingly. Just needs someone to finish off some minor items and this will be a $22,000+ ride. Buy at the right price and you are in the money. A smart choice with all the work that has been completed by me since I owned it. Do the math, I had an original running list of $8000 parts and labor before I did the additional work listed above. Easily another $7500 in parts and labor since then. Need room in my garage for another car. Time to go now.