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Year Body Style/Special Edition Average Price Search
1953 Roadster $ 185,000 View Ads
1954 Roadster $ 58,500 View Ads
1955 Roadster $ 71,250 View Ads
1956 Roadster $ 62,750 View Ads
1957 Roadster $ 71,300 View Ads
1958 Roadster $ 65,000 View Ads
1959 Roadster $ 58,750 View Ads
1960 Roadster $ 56,400 View Ads
1961 Roadster $ 51,200 View Ads
1962 Roadster $ 54,450 View Ads

This Corvette model year summary displays the average sales price from 2012.

The Average Price represents a street driven Corvette with good curb appeal from a distance. Close examination may reveal that the Corvette has minor paint, chrome and/or interior deterioration. It may also have a motor who's originality (matching numbers) is in question.

These 2013 Corvette Price Guide results are based on an extensive database that contains the prices of over 5,800 Corvette prices collected during 2012.

This pricing does not include Corvettes which have rare, limited production optional motors. These Corvettes would distort our pricing results. An example would be a 1967 Corvette equipped with the L88, 427-430 motor of which only 20 were built. The Vette-N-Vestments Monthly Market Letter covers these special Corvettes when they surface for sale.

Read the Vette-N-Vestment's 2010 Market Analysis.

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