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The 1973 Corvette was the sixth production year of the 1968 - 1982 "C3" generation. The 1973 corvette was the first corvette to feature a 5 mph front bumper. The front bumper was no longer a metal exterior construction. The new front bumper was really a molded urethane bumper cover painted to match the body. The 1973 corvette was quieter than all previous corvettes. A sound deadening materal was sprayed on body panels and a fiberglass pad was installed on the underside of the hood. This also decreased road noise. The vacuum operated wiper door was eliminated and replaced with a cowled hood design. The 1973 corvette also featured radial tires for the first time. The 1973 corvette did not have a removable rear window. Approximately 30,000 corvettes were produced in 1973. A Z07 was available in 1973. The Z07 was available with L82 or LS4 engines, not the base engine. It had specil suspension and heavy duty brakes.

25,521 Corvette Coupes and 4,943 Corvette Convertibles. Original pricing for the 1973 Corvette Coupe was $5,561. The 1973 Corvette Convertible was priced slightly lower at $5,398.

The 1973 was available with 454 cubic inch engines. There were three engines available for the 1973 Corvette:

350 ci 190 hp base engine
350 ci 250 hp (L82)
454 ci 275 hp (LS4)

Rochester Quadrajet Carburators were installed on the 1973 corvettes 10 Exterior colors were available (Paint code in parenthesis):

Classic White (910)
Silver (914)
Medium Blue (922)
Dark Blue (927)
Blue-Green (945)
Elkhart Green (947)
Yellow (952)
Metallic Yellow (953)
Mille Miglia Red (976)
Orange (980)

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